When I was breastfeeding, there were minimal options for my gluten intolerance when it came to lactation cookies. All of them had oats, which even the gluten-free variety were still no good for me. I also have a lactose intolerance, and a desire to eat low sugar! Imagine my disgust then at reading the ingredients list of the store-bought cookies – sugar, wheat, milk powders, all manner of numbers and letters…. No luck with finding a suitable recipe on-line either.

At the same time I also wondered what the effectiveness of a lactation cookie was? And was it possible that having a home-made cookie with your cuppa when you sat down to breastfeed was as good at promoting milk production? I mean, I knew enough to know that as mammals, by design we should be able to feed our baby and our body would produce milk accordingly.

Are we so caught up in the idea of needing special stuff to breastfeed, and that we are somehow ‘broken’ without it?

I discovered that although I struggled to keep my supply up with my first baby, it had nothing to do with the lack of lactation cookies in my life. It was the overwhelm, the sheer exhaustion, the stress, the trying to keep up with everything and everyone I had kept up with before baby…. If only I had just slowed down, taken every day as it came, and asked someone to bake me some nice gluten free treats :-)

Long story short, here is a very tasty recipe for gluten and lactose free cookies, which when made with love are a galactagogue. I have also thrown in some fennel for a lovely distinct flavour that pairs wonderfully with a herbal tea. Get your bestie or your mum over to keep you company and have a chat while they bake them for you ;-)