Q: My partner is taking two weeks off work when our baby is born – cant he help out?

A: Yes, he absolutely can, and absolutely should! A Postpartum Doula does not replace your partner in any way. I visit your home once a week (or more should that be your preference) for a set number of weeks. The help I can provide and the tips and advice I share will benefit both parents – it takes a village; the more help the better!

Q: Can you clean my house for me?

A: During my visit to your house I can absolutely do light household chores such as stacking/ unpacking your dishwasher, hanging out washing, changing sheets and cleaning up after preparing food in your kitchen. If there are more demanding jobs that require doing around your house then you could consider a regular cleaner to help out for those first few months after your baby is born.

Q: What foods can you cook/ prepare?

A: You name it, I can make it! Cooking is my forte and I take pride in preparing nourishing, tasty meals. I can cook in your home, bring ready-made meals, or prepare for you to cook later. I also have lots of experience cooking to accommodate dietary requirements – gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, paleo, vegetarian, broths, soups, burgers, sushi rolls, pastas….the list goes on!

Q: What happens if I just want to sleep when you arrive? Is this a waste of our booked 3 hours?

A: Firstly, sleep is NEVER wasted time when you have a newborn. So if you want to sleep then do it! I will happily get creative in the kitchen, take care of any light household chores, put on a load of washing etc etc and if you are still sleeping when I have done all of that then I will let myself out :) You can wake up to a meal ready-to-go and all the washing folded! If I dont stay for the full 3 hours then I will make up the time on my next visit.

Q: My in-laws are coming to stay, can you cook for them all?

A: While I am more than happy to cook for yourself and your partner (and a toddler if you have one) my services do not cover cooking for extended family members. Shouldn’t they be cooking for you???!

Q: I am worried about my stitches that were done after the birth – can you have a look?

A: A Postpartum Doula is not medically trained, so it is not appropriate for me to offer any advice of this nature. However, I am happy to help make appointments and provide contact details for other professionals who are better able to help, and to make appointments on your behalf where this is possible.

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