Imagine this. You are a new mum. You birthed at a hospital, and for the first few nights were helped by staff to shower, feed your baby, brought food, shown how to feed your baby and allowed to rest. You also had limited hours for visitors and your time was essentially spent sleeping or feeding your baby. Exactly how it is supposed to be.

Then you get home and stand inside the front door as your partner sighs how good it is to be home and you think to yourself ‘what now?’ What do you do now? Because the in-laws are champing at the bit to come over. Because your freezer has no prepared meals. Because you got half-way through sorting out the nursery drawers when you went into labour. How overwhelming. If only you could go back in time…

Now imagine this. You get home from the hospital, or family birth centre, (or maybe you are already there because you home-birthed) and in the morning you are looking forward to a helpful smiling face to appear at the door. Fresh produce in arms, along with freshly made bread, stock for beautiful soups, some pampering gifts, and the promise to hold your baby while you shower, shit, or just enjoy a hot cuppa. Yes. These are the desires of a mum with a newborn.

Ah-ha! Postpartum doulas do that! Bring snacks, prepare meals, change sheets, run a bath, give your feet a rub, massage your baby showing you how for next time, make a cuppa, bring a hot soup, give you tips for breastfeeding, reassure you that everything you are doing is great, encouraging you to do what feels right for you, observes and provides tips without judgement so you can grow into the confident, happy mum you want to be.