Hiring a postpartum doula is a big decision. But it is also a wise investment. During my visit to your home I am there to help YOU! Depending on which package you choose will determine how many visits, meals and foot rubs you get. I have three levels of postpartum support plus one mini package (Doula for a Day) ideal to trial my services if you are unsure. This option also makes a great gift for friends or family who are expecting. Gift Vouchers can be purchased here.

Postpartum support packages comparison

We are bombarded daily with information, opinions, statistics, recommended guidelines and of course Dr Google, but never before have new mums been so isolated, overwhelmed and confused. Let me guide you to trust your instincts and become a confident, happy mum!

That includes me arriving with fresh produce in hand, ready to make you some delicious meals including snacks, soups and some simple recipes to leave with you. Perfect for the early weeks with a newborn.

I provide emotional support which might be to sit and listen, debrief your birth, reassure you that XYZ is normal. Breastfeeding support to ensure you understand that demand = supply and takes 6 weeks to establish, plus I know some great lactation consultants and IBCLC’s! I love leaving a house tidy with no odd jobs so count me in for light housework including all that bending and moving around which is tricky with a newborn attached. And last but not least, helping mama make a small amount of time for herself to fill her own cup.

I have three packages available, plus one mini-package (Doula for a Day) so there’s something to suit everyone. Get in contact and let’s have a chat about how I can help you.

Email earlydaysdoula@gmail.com

Phone 0438 132 662